We are a home based business located in North Carolina.  We stay busy designing and printing mermaid fabric blocks.  We print on high thread count, quality cotton fabric with commercial inks.  This means our fabric blocks are machine washable.  They arrive at your door freshly printed, sanitized, and ready to use.  No need to wash.  Our shop is sterile and used only for our mermaid fabric blocks.

We have been in business since August 2012.  We enjoy every aspect of our business.  We are proud of our large collection of vintage mermaid images that we print for you from vintage mermaid postcards, vintage mermaid illustrations, vintage childrens' mermaid books, and other sources.  We also make many of our own mermaid designs that you can find only through Mermaid Fabric Blocks.  We also print a variety of other fabric block designs but we named our business Mermaid Fabric Blocks because our mermaids and merbabies designs are our best sellers.

We have sold online since 2012 but are transferring to godaddy.com because they offer more options for our website.

We hope you enjoy your shopping experience with Mermaid Fabric Blocks.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us through our website.